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Enemies of Women
(The Origins in Outline of Anglo-Saxon Feminism)

Anthony M. Ludovici

Carroll & Nicholson Limited

"From the bottom of our hearts we, who wish woman well, warn her to be on her guard against the Feminists; for she has no deadlier foe than they." — Dr. Fritz Wittels (Die Sexuelle Not, Chap. V.)

"Remarquez-le bien, il n'est pas de pire ennemi de la femme que la féministe." — Théodore Joran (La Trouée Féministe, Chap. I.)

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Chapter I Page 1
The Influence of the prevailing European, or White Man's Philosophy.

Chapter II Page 31
The Influence of the Masculine Accent over our Civilization: i.e., the Civilization of the White Man.

Chapter III Page 47
The Influence of Man: (a) Those men whose average state is one of partial or complete sex starvation. (b) The influence of men who know nothing about women's nature. (c) The influence of fathers of daughters, especially in England. (d) The influence of the degeneracy of the male on the progress of Feminism. (e) The influence of the townsman who makes his wife his mistress.

Chapter IV Page 91
The Influence of Women in Promoting Feminism: (a) The influence of the Virago. (b) The influence of the normal Anglo-Saxon woman. (c) The influence of the old spinster. (d) The influence of the superior female agitator.

Chapter V Page 135
The Influence of Urban Civilization in Promoting Feminism.

Chapter VI Page 144
The Influence of Economic Conditions in a Growing Nation that Cannot Spread. Industrialism.

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Appendix I Page 175
The Author's Divergence from Nietzsche.

Appendix II Page 184
"The Martyrdom of Man."

Appendix III Page 199
Replies by Feminists to my Contentions.

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It is important not to confound Anti-Feminists with Misogynists, or women haters. Some of the early Church Fathers, John Knox, Schopenhauer and Strindberg, for instance, were Misogynists. They disliked and scorned women as such and found little to say in their favour. But men like Herbert Spencer, Nietzsche and myself are Anti-Feminists. We bear no hostility to women nor do we denigrate them gratuitously. We merely assail and resist that Movement which has endured with more or less prominence and success ever since Hellenic days, and has aimed at driving women from domesticity and the home into industry, public life and, in fact, every male sphere.
        Anti-Feminism differs from Misogyny in that, while the former is friendly to normal women, the latter attacks all women. Anti-Feminists see in Feminism a conspiracy against the normally functioning woman; a Movement favourable to a minority of masculinoid females ill-endowed for motherhood, and tending to lure women favourably endowed for motherhood along paths where their psycho-physical needs cannot be satisfied.
        In several of my books, for example in Lysistrata, The Night Hoers, Abortion, The Future of Woman, and The Truth About Childbirth, I have been able to show the suffering and havoc caused among normal women by the Feminist policy, and have collected a mass of data and statistics, little known and generally

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hidden from the public, about these matters.
        How did Anglo-Saxon Feminism arise?
        It has many and various roots but the principal are:—
        (1) The Prevailing European, or White Man's Philosophy.
        (2) The Masculine Accent over our Civilisation.
        (3) The Influence of Men: (a) of those whose average state is one of sex starvation; (b) of those who do not know anything about women's nature; (c) of those who are fathers of girls; (d) of those who are degenerate; (e) of those who make their wives their mistresses.
        (4) The Influence of Women: (a) The Virago; (b) The Normal Woman disillusioned by Marriage; (c) The Old Spinster; (d) The Superior Female Agitator.
        (5) Urban Civilisation.
        (6) Economic Conditions in a Growing Nation that cannot spread. Industrialism.
I shall now deal with these in the above order.



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